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Project Objectives

The general short-term objective of the project is to provide all members of EFUS actionable European municipalities an actionable perspective on the PRoTECTion of their public spaces and other soft targets, by providing them with good practices and access to technology concepts, and the knowledge to tailor them to their needs. The strategy to do this is:

– to improve the PRoTECTion of public spaces and other soft targets in five European cities and respective  LEA’s by providing them with direct support from the project to conduct both a vulnerability self-assessment and technology assessment in their municipalities.

– to let municipalities, organize peer to peer exchange with other municipalities (EFUS members) with technology solutions and best practices in place, to disseminate their experiences with implementing good practices and technology concepts, including validation through table top exercises and a technology roadmap.

At long term, we expect all EU local Municipalities to be familiar with the vulnerability self-assessment and with a broad range of good practices and technology concepts and willing to improve the PRoTECTion of their public spaces. The ENLETS network will be positioned to play a major role in providing technology advice via the organisation of targeted Workshops in close collaboration with the ENLETS National Contact Points (NCPs) and Working Groups.

This project was funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police.
Under Grant Agreement nº 815356.



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