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The PRoTECT Request for Information (RfI) addressed available solutions oriented in protecting / combating terrorism and its effects as regards to open public spaces. The aim of the process, based on hypothetical scenarios dictated by the municipalities of Brasov (RO), Eindhoven (NL), Larisa (GR), Malaga (ES) and Vilnius (LT) (members of the PRoTECT project consortium), has been to investigate the benefits of potentially exploiting available solutions towards preventing and mitigating terrorist attacks within public spaces (so called “soft targets”).

The submission procedure remained online for a period of 2 months (1st of April until 1st of June 2020) and in total 35 submissions of solutions have been received. Given that each solution could be applied for multiple municipalities, finally, the submissions for each city were:

  • 21 to the municipality of Larissa
  • 26 to the municipality of Eindhoven
  • 24 to the municipality of Malaga
  • 26 to the municipality of Vilnius
  • 22 to the municipality of Brasov

Following independent assessment by the five partner municipalities cities (via local evaluation committees) and aggregation / confirmation of the corresponding results by the project’s General Assembly, 25 Solutions (in total) were selected to be invited for demonstration to the 5 cities, as presented in the following sliding tables:

Solution Provider Name of Solution
Terracom QR-Patrol
NSION Ltd. NSC3 Situational awareness platform
XVR Simulation B.V.
XVR On Scene:
• Joint-agency interdisciplinary exercise
• Situational Awareness and Standard Operating Procedures E-learning
• HMD training on situational awareness, spotting and coordination
Apstec International Trading Ltd. Apstec System's Human Security Radar
FAST PROTECT GmbH TERRA 4D – Geo Referenced Security & Safety Management

Solution Provider Name of Solution
Northgate Public Services (UK) Limited – part of the NEC Group NEC NeoFace Watch; and NEC Enhanced Video Analytics (EVA)
ViNotion B.V. Monitoring Urban Dynamics for Situational Awareness of Public Safety
Sorama B.V Sorama Listener platform.
ADITESS Advanced Integrated Technology Solutions & Services Ltd adiTASK Incident Reporting and Awareness Tool
First Responder Technologies Inc. WiFi-Based Concealed Weapon Detector

Solution Provider Name of Solution
AEORUM ESPAÑA SL SURVEIRON: Global information and drone operation network
GRADIANT Counter-UAS by Gradiant
MARSHALLS MONO LTD Crash Tested Street Furniture and Steel Bollards

Solution Provider Name of Solution
Herta BioSurveillance NEXT
Smiths Detection Anomaly Detection & Cognitive Intelligence Platform
Level Five Supplies limited SENSR
Chris Butler Associates Ltd SCIMON

Solution Provider Name of Solution
Sabre Global UK First Response Tech, DroneHunter, DroneKiller, Raptor, Centurion
Everis Aeroespacial y Defensa SLU Event Awareness and Security Tool (EAST)
Kromek Ltd Radiation Detection Systems
Pandora Intelligence Pandora Intelligence
Pixpro, UAB PIXPRO photogrammetry based 3D terrain threat prevention

The aforementioned solutions will be invited to provide a demonstration (proof of concept) on selected sites by the relevant partner municipalities. Municipalities hosting the demonstrations will compensate the solution providers for the eligible costs up to a maximum as mentioned in the RFI document and within the limits of the relevant budget available to each of the hosting cities.

In case of solutions which are not selected for reimbursement of their costs, the providers may still contribute with a demonstration of their solution on their own expense and they are most welcome to do so by clearly stating their relevant intention no later than 31st July.

Due to the unforeseeable situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic the exact dates of the demos in most cases have not yet been finalized but every effort is put in this direction. Kindly take note that further logistical details, demonstration needs, and financial procedures will be arranged by the municipality of that will be contacting the selected solution providers during the upcoming period.

For further clarifications on issues regarding the process, please contact the RFI coordination team in

Request for Information

PRoTECT- Request for Information

PRoTECT consortium, in the context of searching for available solutions and ideas oriented in protecting public spaces against terrorist threats and combating terrorism and its effects as regards to open public spaces, has decided to the publication of a Request for Information (RfI).

The RfI process, based on hypothetical threat scenarios as dictated by the cities of:

  • Brasov (Romania),
  • Eindhoven (Netherlands),
  • Larisa (Greece),
  • Malaga (Spain) and
  • Vilnius (Lithuania);

aims in investigating all benefits of potentially utilizing available solutions towards preventing / mitigating specific types of terrorist attacks within their city boundaries and will be realized through the delivery of live demonstrations of selected solutions.

This RfI is open for submitting relevant solutions from 1st April till 18th May 2020

Announcement: The RfI application submission deadline has been extended to the 1st of June 2020, Monday (10am CEST)

Provided the above and following a relevant evaluation process, highly evaluated solutions will then be invited to provide a live demonstration (proof of concept) in one the 5 cities.

All necessary details and material regarding the specific process are available upon registration in the following site.


It should be made clear that the process does not (in any way) aim in procuring solutions nor does it constitute a pre-requisite for participating in a future procurement process should it be decided individually by the cities. The RFI is formally addressed to all entities, enterprises, research centers, universities and organizations that possess, fully or partially (upon submitting a relevant declaration for participating) the rights regarding the solution for which the interest in participation is being expressed .

This project was funded by the European Union's Internal Security Fund - Police.
Under Grant Agreement nº 815356.


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